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  1. How do I become a member?

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for your interest! We are a casual and fun group and get together once a month at a different location each time to talk about art. At each meeting we have a focus point to talk about, and there is always time for socializing before and after the meeting. I personally have had many more opportunities to sell or show my art through the contacts I have gotten through CoCA.

      I apologize for the very late reply. We haven’t ever gotten any comments so I haven’t checked! I do the website updates, so you can blame this entirely on me.

      The person to contact about joining is Patt Sheldon. Her email is, or you can call her directly at 650-714-0560. There is no set criteria or fee for becoming a member, just come to the meetings once a month if you can make it.

      Hope to see you at the next meeting, it’s usually held the first Tuesday of the month. Patt sends out an email with the details.

      Nancy Wilder

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